Anna and her family have lived in Europe and Africa, and now live in the Wayne area where Anna has built her therapy practice. She is an Adjunct Professor at Eastern University. She is a motivational speaker in schools, such as Malvern Prep, St Katherine of Sienna, and churches and business organizations on varied topics. These include Winning Under Pressure and The Price of Privilege. She spoke on Invest in Yourself  at the NEXUS Innovative Philanthropy and Social Enterprise Global Youth Summit held at the United Nations in New York in 2014.  Anna also facilitates creative spiritual retreats for various groups.

Anna is an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, has her BCCP certification (Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist), a member of the APA (American Psychological Society), a clinical member of the AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists), a member of the ISST (International Schema Society) and a UK Chartered Psychologist and is an AFBPsS (Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.) 

She abides by the ethical code of practice of the PA State Licensing Board, in accordance with her LPC and also the AAMFT and APA, which offer more detailed ethical guidelines to safeguard you the client in your therapy relationship with Anna in her Wayne therapy practice. 

I was trained in the UK as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist (Doctorate equivalent at Oxford University England). I am Licensed as a Professional Counselor and own my private practice in the heart of Wayne, PA.

My early training was in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and over the last 30 years I have trained in other evidence based treatments and specialize in Schema Therapy. My clients find real benefit from this integrative approach as it gives us what I call a ‘road map’ - a tangible way to work on understanding and overcoming their ‘lifetraps’ that they keep falling into again and again.

”Working with Anna using Schema Therapy has put my life story and behavior into a context that makes sense to me and has given me a map for positive change and growth. Working with Anna has been an amazing experience.”

Whether it is depression symptoms, anxiety or not feeling quite good enough, barely having the energy it takes to make it through a day, or going through familiar patterns in relationships that are simply sad repeat performances of others that didn’t work out either, I can help you.
— Anna Balfour