Feeling stuck? ... frustrated? ...back to square one? ...the same patterns? 
There is hope of a difference!

I realize it may have taken a lot of courage to get to this step to seek help so it is with sadness that I need to tell you that I have now closed my practice and moved from the area. However feel free to contact me as I know many good therapists in the Wayne area that can help you!  I can help you to bridge that gap that comes from engaging in quality therapy to reach your potential. 

You are worth investing in yourself! We each have the potential to be the people we were created to be. However maybe you feel 'stuck' and frustrated - and perhaps you have felt this way for a while. So please continue to seek out a quality therapist! 

As you read this you may be feeling more than a little anxious, depressed or hopeless, not knowing how to make any changes that make life feel worth living. Or you can't seem to make any changes stick: there is a painful gap between who you are and who you want to be.

I think of the stories of the many people I have worked with in the last few months and years, and they inspire me to encourage you to take that first step and call a good therapist! Take a look at the  'Stories of change' page!