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A recent blog post is titled: if you can’t let it go, let it be

…………But deep down I know what to do. I know I need to just let it go. I need to accept that I cannot fix, explain, control or understand. And I need to let go of whatever it is that I think needs to happen. I need to shout STOP to my thoughts, take a breath to pivot to a different direction, to be open to whatever might come, however unexpected and in whatever guise……..November 2018

He chose her, day after day he chose her…

….The truth is that we are continually evolving and developing as people: as Matt Nathanson sings “nothing stays the same“. But how does that work if you are in a committed relationship, and the basis for the relationship – the stuff you had in common, the complementarity, starts to fade because you – and they, are growing as people? February 11th 2015 


Let your soul catch up with your body

The feeling that I needed to get all of me back in synch, after my air travels, gets some grounding in physics from the book I have begun to read: The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. 

… I needed to let my soul catch up with my body, a phrase attributed to Native American Indians, when they have walked too far and seek a resting place. February 2nd 2015


Warm, live connection, not just # and Twitter!

 Robin Williams sadly ended his life this week. His early years sound as if he was pretty disconnected, on his own and emotionally deprived as a young child, even though he was surrounded by all things material. 

…..Just asking ‘how’s things?” or better still, ‘you’re looking a bit down today ..’, at least gives someone the opportunity to open up, connect and feel someone has noticed and helps them feel a little more human. August 17th 2014