Useful Books



by Jeffrey Young is the user friendly book I recommend to clients when working using Schema Focused therapy. A recent client said, "I have a history of anxiety, depression and PTSD. Working with Anna utilizing Schema Therapy has put my life story and behavior in a context that makes sense to me as well as providing a road map for positive change and growth. It has been an amazing learning experience." This approach uses a combination of behavioral, cognitive and experiential methods, taking time to explore particular difficulties in discussion and with questionnaires. Therapy progresses by you learning to recognize when your 'schema' - or lifetrap, is activated and then giving you the tools to change those well worn but ineffective and frustrating patterns, that defeat you and hold you back.  



by Sue Johnson is another book I often recommend to couples. I work with couples using Emotionally Focused Therapy which has been shown in many research trials to significantly improve relationships: a revolutionary new way to shape love relationships. I often use a Schema Approach in conjunction with EFT, when couples see that they are  stuck in unhealthy patterns, often from their own families of origin. I am also a fan of John Gottman, one of the renowned researchers in the field of relationships, who originally worked with Sue Johnson. I find his framework of tools to build a 'sound relationship house', very helpful. 



by Wendy Behary is another book I recommend. She is an expert in the field of working with people who have narcissist's in their lives. She also works with narcissists, although we find they rarely come for therapy. Wendy is a colleague of mine, working in NYC and internationally and  I am a referral source for her in PA ,being  one of the few therapists who are trained to work in this area.


Learn how to decrease your stress and anxiety levels! 

I teach client's relaxation skills in my therapy office in Wayne PA. However, they they quickly learn it is not just about sitting in front of the TV and chilling, but it takes practice to learn and apply.

Because of that I have produced a CD so you can take my voice home with you. There, you can find the particular method that works best for you and start applying these vital skills to make you more mindful and focused and give your brain and body the opportunity to regroup..and grow new pathways to feeling less stressed and more relaxed. 

Price is $15 including shipping.