Anna's depth and breadth of her experience and knowledge, accumulated from working with different groups in a variety of contexts over the last 30 years, combine to make her a compelling speaker. Her sense of humor, refreshing British accent, and emphasis on practical applications, only add to the experience of hearing her speak! 

'The Price of Privilege: Living in a culture that demands success but at what cost to our children?' 

Venues include: Malvern Prep School, Delaware County Christian School, Katherine of Sienna School,Wayne Presbyterian School

I have received nothing but positive feedback from parent’s and faculty members that were in attendance.
— Facilitator of "Back to School Night' Event
I loved Anna’s vulnerability and humility. She expressed herself genuinely.
Excellent. The distinction between faithful and successful parenting was helpful.
The seminar was a very good entre into thinking about what we bring into the family.

Investing in Yourself: How much time do you spend investing in yourself? Anna walks us though tools to we can develop so we don't go overdrawn, have some thing to withdraw, and have something left over for later!

Venues include: Nexus Global Youth Summit held in NYC at the United Nations in 2014.

She has also been a guest of 'Divorce Essentials' a on a phone call offering support for people wondering about, preparing for or going through, a divorce. www.DivorceEssentials.com

Anna has also spoken at events for Main Line Family Law (www.mainlinedivorcemediator.com) offering input and psychological insight. 

Winning Under Pressure: Stress will always be with us but what tools can we use to manage it and what anchors and rules of life can we develop to thrive not survive?

Venues include: Berwyn and Devon Business Association,GVF church, Phoenixville, Geneva Global: Performance Philanthropy - Doing Good Great!

The Human Side of Money: Let's talk about money!  How is money the unspoken 3rd 'person' in our relationships? What's your money history? Your money story? How close are you to it? Does it come between you and the one you love? Anna addresses these and other questions. 

Venues include: Ellevate: Women's networking group


Details of Anna's past speaking engagements and retreats are available on request.