Therapy, Counseling and Consultations 

People come with many different types of difficulties and 'dis-ease' about where they are in their lives and how they are 'doing' life.

  • Unresolved childhood issues e.g.sexual abuse that affects present relationships, and 'unrelenting standards' that you still strive to reach but cripple you
  • Feeling 'stuck' - be it in relationships, in life goals or in taking decisions
  • Issues relating to Narcissism. I have specialist training and experience in this area and have worked with Narcissists or - as is more frequent, worked  with people who are in relationships with them; maybe their partner, parents, or boss. Often if you are living/relating to people with those characteristics it can be very painful, leaving you feeling crazy, impotent and helpless, but things can be different!
  • Stress, depression and anxiety. 
  • Transitions, such as the ending - or beginning of a relationship, job, or children leaving home. 
  • Working with couples is a specialty where I use Emotion Focused Therapy which really helps couples understand and change the 'dance'  that is currently negative between them, into a positive pattern of interaction.
We absolutely valued our time with Anna. Her style is a great blend of deep caring and insight and careful clinical analysis and practical suggestions.Talking through our issues with her has helped us to grow as a couple and it’s given us better tools that we can continue to use. Highly recommended.
— Recent Client

Training and supervision

Anna is an Advanced Schema Therapist Trainer/Supervisor, and has spent many years working with Schema Therapy. She also offers supervision and training for Masters level Graduates seeking licensure in Pennsylvania, both one on one and group.