I believe, like everything in life, you get what you pay for and therapy is no exception. My fees reflect my English Doctorate level qualification as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, and my Licensure status as a Professional Counselor in PA and also my experience of working in this area for over 28 years now. I also engage in regular training; A recent training I attended was from Daniel Siegal on 'Mind Sight', illustrating how what therapists used to do because it 'seems to work',  has been shown to work because it changes structures in the brain! Another recent training was on 'After the affair'.

HOWEVER I offer a sliding scale...

because I want you to experience good therapy from a highly qualified therapist in the Wayne area, with a lot of experience - which my track record shows I have. Please contact me as I am happy to discuss payment based on your income. I also take credit card payments and many of my clients find this helpful.

If you are a student, I offer especially low rates, depending on any income, to enable you to be in therapy; it is a great time in your life to stop and reflect as you consider your life ahead ahead and critical decisions about relationships and careers.


I work with you to help you obtain reimbursement from your insurance company. I give you a formal receipt which includes a diagnosis which we discuss and I am trained to make. As "Potential Difference" is a registered Limited Liability company, I have a Tax ID number along with a National Provider number, which often makes it easier to receive reimbursement. Some insurance companies reimburse you after you have met a deductible or alternatively, allow you so many sessions at a particular rate. Call your provider to find out more details and we can discuss this when we meet or over the phone.


I offer evening appointments up until 8 pm dependent on availability, and some 8.30am appointments. I do not have weekend hours as a general rule.